About Us

When my Grandmother began approaching the age of 90, she started having trouble doing some of the things she had done in her younger years, including taking care of her late husband's grave site. Fortunately, my wife and I were there to help out. When she passed away, it occurred to me that had we not been there, no one would have been able to help her honor her husband. Without us maintaining the site, the stone would have been damaged by tree sap, bird droppings and weather.

I began searching online and found a company called Grave Groomers that had been in operation since 1999. The owner John Peterson, guided me in creating Professional Grave Groomers, a family owned and operated business.

We use the same proven products and cleaning solutions on my family's gravestones as our customers. We get all of our flowers and wreaths from local businesses. And we do our very best to honor those in our care. All with one simple goal in mind, to provide eternal care for your loved ones and peace of mind for you.

Please call or write to us today so we can help make sure that your loved ones will always be remembered!